The Essential Checks

We offer full medical screening and general tests to ensure that your health is always in your hands.

Whatever your stage of life, demands of work or family life we can help you achieve optimum health by combining a wide range of health checks, screening and risk assessments with proactive diet and lifestyle advice.



Premium Screening Package   £595.00
Consultation with doctor
Blood Test
Urine Test
Chest x-ray & Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG)

It is proven that the early identification and management of cardiac events such as coronary artery disease reduce the likelihood of them developing into serious life threatening conditions.

The main purpose of our cardiac check-ups is to breakdown known risk factors of potential illness, create and improve self awareness of health and fitness, and provide referral for the adequate treatment when necessary. With that in mind, we have created one of the most comprehensive cardiac check-ups available, which includes the most used tests by Cardiologists throughout the world.

Cardiovascular Screenings
General Cardiovascular Assessment
Advanced Cardiovascular Profile

A Well Woman consists of a series of comprehensive tests. It is a full body MOT that assesses all aspects of your current health to ensure you are fit and well.

We have tailored 3 packages to meet the concerns of women of all ages.

Well Woman 1 (Under 40)  £785.00
Well Woman 2 (Over 40s)  £810.00
Well Woman 3  £860.00

A Well Man consists of a series of comprehensive tests. It is a full body MOT that assesses all aspects of your current health to ensure you are fit and well.

We have tailored 2 packages to meet the concerns of men of all ages.

Well Man 1 (Under 40s)  £790.00
Well Man 2 (Over 40s)  £810.00

Diabetes is caused by excessive glucose or sugar remaining in the blood rather than getting into the cells for energy.

  • Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease whereby the pancreas fails to produce insulin.
  • Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disease caused by overconsumption of sugar, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

Measuring blood sugar is critical to diagnosing and the management of diabetes.

In the early stages type 2 diabetes may be managed or even reversible through careful life changes such as cutting down sugar consumption or weight lost.

In its later stages it may need management through diabetes management and eventually insulin.

Diabetes Check Plus (consists of 2 tests)  £95.00

The kidneys play a vital role in the body, they remove all the waste products and excess water from your blood and make them into urine for you to pass safely.

A series of blood and urine tests ensure your kidneys are working efficiently and effectively, which is ideal for anyone looking for a general health assessment of their kidneys.

 Kidney Check Plus (consists of 8 tests)  £230.00

Our Liver Check Plus provides a comprehensive check of liver enzymes which can be raised if the liver is inflamed.

This check up is ideal for monitoring how your liver is coping with your lifestyle, this is particularly important if you consume excessive calories, units of alcohol or drugs. Early detection of liver damage means that preventative action can be taken before damage becomes irreversible.

Liver Check Plus (consists of 8 tests)

Should you have any concerns, our clinic ensures the highest standard of care. With an exceptional referral network and team, we guarantee a fast turnaround of results.

Some examples of how we can check for cancer are listed below but there are other ways of diagnosing specific cancers.

If you have any queries or can’t see what you are looking for please give us a call

Liver Testes -Alpha Protein £85.00
Testicular Tumor Profile £145.00
Breast £150.00
Ovary £150.00
Stomach, Colorectal, Gastrointestinal, Pancreas £150.00
Bladder, Colon £150.00
Early Lung £229.00
Stomach, Liver, Breast, ovary, Gastrointestinal, Lung £150.00
Bladder £125.00
Lung, Brain, Thyroid £180.00
Prostate Profile £120.00
Oesophagus, Lung, Bronchus, Cervix £290.00


Your individual risk of heart disease will depend on your general health, lifestyle and family history. This is a preventative test to measure important risk factors that could lead to heart disease and is recommended for anybody wishing to assess their risk of heart disease, particularly those who know that their lifestyle might put them at increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Essential Health Check (Consists of 10 tests)  £395.00

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